Saag – A taste of Punjab

Rasoi is a brand synonymous with elegant Indian dining and sophistication, across its two Swansea locations. Jas and Suki Kullar are the powerhouse behind its fusion cuisine, and many of the dishes are inspired by classic, Punjabi recipes passed down the generations, to the modern taste experience you find in their restaurants today.

One such dish on their menu is Saag. Said to be one of Punjab’s oldest and most authentic dishes, Saag is now a popular dish across Northern India and has been interpreted in many different ways over the decades. This versatile dish is an aromatic, sensory experience made using a combination of spices. Saag is originally a vegetarian dish, but across India it can be accompanied by different meats, white fish and the speciality cheese Paneer. At Rasoi, we serve ours with chunks of lamb; we find that the soft, red meat pairs beautifully with the deeper flavours of the Saag.

Mustard leaves are the traditional ingredient of Saag, cut finely and used for both their flavour and texture. The dish has many variations in different parts of the country including spinach and other leafy greens. This means that this dish is not only a sensation for the taste buds but genuinely nourishes the body as well. The mustard leaves used in Saag are said to have great health benefits being high in vitamins C, A and B-6. They also contain iron, magnesium, and calcium and proving that replenish much needed vitamins and minerals and nourish the body.

The art of making Saag and the spice combinations can be a closely guarded family secret however the traditional process remains the same. Originally made from mustard leaves the dish can now be found as a combination of spinach, kale, chard and beet greens. The process has shortened over the years and modern recipes have the dish ready in around 30 minutes using conventional cooking equipment, whereas some traditional methods take two hours just to boil the leaves and require a heavy based, thick pan. At Rasoi, we balance traditional and modern techniques and our own unique spice combination to cultivate this abundant and nourishing dish.

Punjab itself can be described as a nourishment for the senses. With the brothers behind the brand having fond memories of summers spent in the Punjab of their childhood, surrounded by the different flavours, smells and electric atmosphere of the street markets, this city truly is a special place. These memories form the heart and soul of the Rasoi menu and experience. The regions agricultural and rural geography have shaped the dish of Saag over the decades making this culinary classic saturated with Indian history and culture.

But why choose Saag, with such humble origins, from our menu when it sits amongst so many delicious and unique dishes? This is Indian food to nourish the soul. It is steeped in history and heritage from the families in Punjab and is lovingly prepared with robust flavours and wholesome ingredients. A true taste of Punjab.

So next time you dine with us be sure to discover this authentic and delicious dish for yourself. We can’t wait to share it with you.

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