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View our main menu, with all of the Rasoi classics below. Served everyday.

  • Vegetarian

    Onion Bhaji (v)

    Britain's best loved starter. Thinly sliced onions, covered in herbs & fried. 5.20
  • Pav Bhaji

    Spiced mached vegetable sabzi, served with a warm toasted bun. 5.90
  • Spiced Calamari

    Salt, peper, garam masala spiced calamari, served with a chilli & garlic mayo dip. 6.90
  • Gluten Free

    Chicken Tikka

    Pieced of hand spiced chicken marinated in garlic, mint and chilli then cooked in the tandoor. A top-notch Punjabi Classic. 5.90
  • Vegetarian

    Punjabi Samosa Chaat

    Authentic Punjabi style samosa stuffed with masala potato and peas, served with chana masala, yoghurt and tamarind sauce. 6.20
  • Gluten Free

    Tilka Jingha

    Tender king prawns marinated in Rasoi spices and cooked over a flaming charcoal. 9.30
  • Tandoori Mix Platter

    Chicken tikka, tandoori lamb chops and seekh kebab. 13.50
  • Spicy Mussels

    Mussells cooked in a chili, garlic and coconut sauce 6.90
  • Korma

    Tender spiced chicken in a mild, rich, creamy coconut sauce with flaked almonds. 9.70
  • Gluten Free

    Tikka Masala

    A British favourite. Roasted, marinated chicken in a tomato and cream spiced sauce. 9.90
  • Gluten Free


    Chicken in a tangy and spicy tomato sauce 9.80
  • Gluten Free


    A richly spiced sauce that clings lovingly to the chunks of lamb 10.20
  • Gluten Free


    Nothing is more quintessentially punjabi than saag, with chunks of lamb 10.30
  • Gluten Free

    Desi Lamb

    Lamb slow cooked in homemade garam masala sauce 10.80
  • Jalfrezi

    Garlic and mint marinated chicken tossed with ginger, bell peppers, spicy tomato and garlic 9.90
  • Vegan
    Gluten Free

    Veg Panchratan

    Mixed vegetables cooked with spinach and a cumin and fenugreek tarka 8.90
  • Vegetarian
    Gluten Free

    Black Daal

    Dark, Rich, Deeply flavoured Lentils 8.90
  • Gluten Free

    Kochi Murgh

    Tender chicken medium spiced sauce garnished with fried onions, garlic and spring onion 9.90
  • Gluten Free


    Chicken cooked with Balti spices, tomato & served in a traditional Balti 9.90
  • Karahi

    Tender charcoal smoke chicken with freshly-ground cumin, chopped onions, chilli, coriander 10.10
  • Gluten Free

    Rogan Josh

    Lamb braised in a gravy flavoured with saffron, garlic and aromatic spices. We recommend ordering a roomali roti for the perfect complimentary side. 10.30
  • Gluten Free


    Chicken cooked with a hearty and fragrant spicy onion and tomato sauce, sprinkled with a little chilli 9.90
  • Gluten Free

    Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)

    Chicken cooked in a rich tomato, creamy, buttery sauce with fenugreek. 9.90
  • Gluten Free


    Tender chicken in a creamy mild pasanda sauce made with roasted almonds 9.90
  • Chilli Chicken

    Indo-Chinese chili chicken, stir-fried with paz and bell peppers 10.50
  • Vegetarian
    Gluten Free

    Matar Paneer

    Paneer and peas in a rich silky creamy spiced sauce 5.90
  • Vegan
    Gluten Free

    Aloo Gobhi

    Potato and cauliflower cooked with aromatic spices 5.90
  • Vegan
    Gluten Free

    Aubergine Masala

    Slow cooked aubergine with ground masala and coriander 5.90
  • Vegan
    Gluten Free

    Bombay Potato

    Bombay-spiced sauce over potato wedges. 5.90
  • Vegetarian

    Selection of Chutneys

    Mint yoghurt, spiced onions, spiced tomato and mango 3.50
  • Vegetarian


    Thick, fluffy and crispy on the outside 3.80
  • Vegetarian

    Masala Chips

    Saucy and tangy with a bit of a kick 3.95
  • Vegetarian

    Cucumber & Mint Raitha

    Cool yoghurt with cucumber and mint, finished with chunky chaat masala 3.90
  • Rasoi Lamb Chops

    Lamb chops marinated in yoghurt, Garlic, Cumin grilled in the tandoori oven 16.00
  • Vegetarian

    Paneer Tikka

    Chargrilled Cottage cheese with caraway seeds and mint chutney 11.80
  • Mix Grill

    Tandoori Chicken, Achari Chicken Tikka, Tandoori King Prawn, Seekh Kebab and Lamb Chop 14.90
  • Tandoori Salmon

    Salmon marinated in yoghurt and spices and cooked in a clay oven 15.20