Introducing: Head Chef Ramesh Semwal

Rasoi is, without doubt, one of Swansea’s most sophisticated Indian dining experiences. With two locations across the city, each defined by their unique fusion menu and sophisticated interior design, Rasoi remains Swansea’s premier restaurant for Indian dining. But who is the man behind the signature flavour experience at Rasoi?
Enter Ramesh Semwal – Originally from the beautiful Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand at the foot of the Himalayas, Ramesh was born and raised in a diverse and colourful landscape with ornate Indian architecture and panoramic mountain views. As one of the oldest cities in India, Dehradun has a rich fabric of history, culture and religion and has set Ramesh on a path to his love of cooking and food.

Starting his career in Mumbai, the now, Head Chef of Rasoi Waterfront Restaurant, built solid foundations and passion for authentic cuisine in one of India’s most cosmopolitan cities. Mumbai is a hazy blend of modernist sophistication and ancient charm, being home to both the star-studded Bollywood film industry and the elephant cave temples. As India’s financial capital and home to the largest urban tropical forest, Ramesh learnt his trade in a truly unique setting.

Ramesh left Mumbai and settled in the UK thirteen years ago, where he now enjoys Swansea life with his wife and two children. Living close to Rasoi Waterfront a day in the life of Head Chef Ramesh begins with chai tea and breakfast with his team at the restaurant. The chefs work so closely together they have become his second family, and meeting for breakfast each morning allows them to plan, prepare and catch-up. Life as a Head Chef can be fast paced and high pressured, but Ramesh feels at home in this kind of environment and thrives on the challenge. The team works through the afternoon and evening to bring you the most flavoursome, traditional dishes and Indian dining experience. Ramesh leads his kitchen based on his experience and expertise to constantly adjust his recipes to perfect the spice combinations and cooking styles, bringing you authenticity with a fusion twist.

As a loving father and husband, one of Ramesh’s favourite celebrations is Diwali. The Indian festival of light is a stunning, visual celebration of “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance” and is an ancient and deeply spiritual occasion. The holiday encourages families from different communities and religions to take to the streets and celebrate with food, fireworks and music. Ramesh and his family always mark the occasion, sometimes with their wider family and friends in India. This is not only an opportunity to celebrate this ancient and significant festival in its country of origin but also to reconnect with his heritage and love of life.

Rasoi was born and nurtured through a passion of inherited family recipes with a modern twist and fond memories of sights and sounds of the Punjab street markets. It’s easy to see how Head Chef Ramesh has driven the founder’s vision of the dining experience forward. Jas, a dedicated co-owner of Rasoi has full confidence in his Head Chef and states ‘We never need to worry about the kitchen operations, we know Ramesh has everything covered, he keeps things running really well, the whole team work together. We know the food here is up to the highest standard.’ Jas also dines in the restaurant himself and feels the food delivered by Head Chef Ramesh and his team is always ‘perfectly prepared and cooked’.

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